Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Etsy Love

golden ponies 

it has been raining like crazy here the past few days. i wish i could say i was one of those carefree souls who enjoyed taking a walk in the rain, but it just isn't so. not unless it also happens to be 80 degrees outside too:) then i would be all for it!

not to mention, it also stinks having to take your dog outside to potty when it's raining. then he makes sure to really take his time finding that perrrrrrrrrfect spot. am i right? then the ends of your pants get all wet and i am forced to change unless i want to forgo curling up on the couch, which is essential to my daily activities as a couch potato! oh my, i've really let this post get away from me. here's to the sunny day we are having today!


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