Friday, January 13, 2012

Music To My Ears: Doug Burr

Denton is a seemingly small town, but for its size it boasts a rich, thriving music community. i feel lucky to live so close to so many great artists like midlake, sarah jaffe, and seryn. and i am even more excited to be moving to denton this spring to take full advantage of all the amazing shows, and for so cheap compared to all those super-venues where you can't even see who you're listening to, know what i mean?

apparently artist doug burr has been around for a while--he just came out with his fourth album, o ye devastator last april, but i just now discovered him! after hearing a song of his on the radio i immediately looked at his tour schedule and got to see him soon after. his live shows are just as heartfelt and entrancing as they sound on the radio. judge for yourself!

In the Garden
'in the garden' from the album o ye devastator

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