Monday, January 23, 2012


i have had this jacket/blouse in my closet forever and this was my first time to actually wear it! i had envisioned wearing it with a short, pleated skirt and black tights, but that never happened:) instead i stuck with good ol' jeans.

for some reason i have always been opposed to wearing red. i like it on other people, but it just never seemed to fit my personality, which sounds really strange i'm sure. but lately, i have found myself wearing more and more red! and i kinda like it! it's funny to see how much our styles can change over the years.

 top: the lovely hunter vintage
jeans: old navy
shoes: tibetan store in san francisco


  1. Cool jacket! It's really unique so I think it stands out nicely with a pair of jeans.

  2. Such an awesome top. You wear it well.

  3. This is completely random, but I wanted to tell you that I think you have such beautiful bone structure in your face. Is that a strange compliment? Maybe not? Haha. But in fashion-related matters, I'm really excited to have found a fellow thrifter. That jacket is a lovely find!


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