Friday, January 20, 2012

This Week...

so, i'm a little late on this week's instagrams (what's new) here's a little peek into my week!
*finally posting more stuff on etsy, check it out!
*hanging out with lucas while he works on our moto-scooter in the garage
*movie night at bible study, complete with spinach artichoke dip, mini pizzas, and chocolate dipped pretzels
*mellow mushroom with tommy, lydia, steven, and monika--holy shitake pie was tdf!
*pondering my next haircut--wanna go short so bad!
*got my new shoes and ring in the mail from asos--can't wait to wear them:)
*watching lots of brothers and sisters



  1. hello! I came across your blog, and wanted to tell you that it's lovely. also, we're name twins! :) -sofia

  2. Oh my! I had to double-take on that mug, but it is fantastic! I love the shoes from the first picture! Lovely blog, I love the name Sofia!

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  3. I love the ring!! Have a good week, lady,


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