Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Wanna Marfa!

so it is only january, but i am already getting excited about planning different activities for the spring and summer--roadtrips, camping, so excited just talking about it! did i ever tell you i've always wanted to stay in a teepee? or should i say...tipi:)

well, i'm not exactly sure how i heard about marfa. i think some friends had told me that they had been there to see mumford and sons, which i thought was a little strange considering marfa has a population of 2,000. well, it turns out that isn't the only cool thing about marfa.

marfa is also home to the chinati foundation, founded by artist donald judd, who has built amazing sculpture installations across its stark, west texas landscape. marfa is also known for some amazing eats, including food shark, which serves up an ever changing menu of dishes including banh mi sandwiches, beef curry over rice, slow-roasted pork tacos in ancho-cocoa rub, and brown butter cookies--mmmmmm.

i was planning on visiting marfa before i ever found out about el cosmico, but el cosmico is what really sealed the deal. its a lodging community that is home to beautifully renovated trailers, yurts, but most of all, tipis!

on fridays there are porchside potlucks with drinks and dominos, and throughout the spring and summer there are different scheduled events including a weekend songwriting workshop and all-night DJ set. i am excited that i we won't have to travel far to do something totally different and new. here's to marfa!

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  1. I am DYING to get to marfa!! i'm pretty sure it's just a magical land in the middle of texas.


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