Wednesday, June 20, 2012


i decided to make my pinterest love of terrariums a reality one day and had the time of my life putting these little guys together. it was a lot easier than i thought, and i'm really happy with how they turned out. i am pretty much the opposite of a plant whisperer/green thumb and anything my little hands touch seems to wilt. but i am happy to report that my sweet succulents still seem to be thriving after a whole month! if you were wanting to make your own terrariums, here's a super easy DIY for you.

1. pick out your terrarium home. pretty much any clear glass container will work. i've seen really cute terrariums made from mason jars, fish bowls, vases, etc. just make sure that you find a container with a wide enough mouth to insert your plants. the smaller the hole, the more difficult it is. and if you are planning on making more than one terrarium and grouping them together, i would go with an odd number and find containers in a variety of sizes and shapes to add more interest to your grouping:)

2. this is the fun part--picking out your plants! you can choose to use a variety of plants, but i picked succulents, not only b/c i like them, but because they are super easy to care for. when picking your plants, look for a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. i chose a few cactuses with some blossoms to add a little color as well.

3. before actually putting your terrarium together, you need to gather you supplies. besides plants and containers you will need some potting soil, small rocks (some people also opt to use beach glass and different colored rocks. sand is also optional), and some type of utensil to dig plants out. i just used a fork:)

4. before you start it's also a good idea to plan where you want your plants to go. i just set the plants apart in groups so i would  know where to put them. in each terrarium i chose a taller plant and shorter plant, a plant with a little color, and never put the same plant in the same container.

5.the first step in actually making the terrarium is to put a thin layer of rocks in your container, as seen in picture. some people opt to put in sand beforehand, but i just opted for the rocks. you can buy rocks at lowe's i think, but i just hunted outside my apartment for them:)

6. use your fork/other utensil to dig out your plants. i started with the tallest plant, and planted the smallest last. use your potting soil to fill in the gaps around each plant. i used my fork to move around the soil inside the terrarium since it was too hard to stick my hands inside.


7. voila! you've got your very own terrariums. it was hard to take pictures of all the inbetween parts because my hands were so dirty, but hopefully it all made sense. here are my finished terrariums. i chose to put mine as the centerpiece on our dining room table, but the good thing about terrariums is that they make great decoration almost anywhere.

i had some leftover plants, so i decided to make another pinterest favorite a reality and plant the leftovers in some DIY neon painted pots. i would love to see pics of terrariums you guys have made!


  1. I saw those painted pots on A Beautiful Mess! I've been meaning to give it a try.

  2. These are so great! I'd love to do this sometime. There's not much sunlight in my apartment though, sadly!


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