Monday, June 18, 2012


a couple of weeks ago lucas and i got to go with the kids from church to church camp. it was so much fun! we went last year too, but this year my ten year-old niece mia also went, which turned out to be so good. our thirteen year old cousin hayleigh also went for the first time, so mia and her had fun getting to know eachother and bonding. lucas taught the 13/14 year old class, (i sat in) and he did an awesome job. it was so cool to see the gifts that God has given him being used right in front of me.

while mia was with us at church camp my parents took the opportunity to go on vacation. who wouldn't? they are so cute:) it was cool because we got to spend extra time with just mia. i don't get to see her nearly as much as i would like to, so i am really thankful for that time. she is still young enough that she will still give me big hugs and actually likes hanging out with me, so i am going to take advantage of that as long as i can.

this week i...
*got to shoot a rifle for the first time, and at church camp of all places. turns out i am a pretty good shot.
*made some some pretty sweet purchases from our local recycled craft store, SCRAP denton. neon parrot necklaces anyone?
*took my first bike ride around the square. looking forward to many more of those when we move:)
*tried the loco cafe for the first time. the breakfast pizza and blueberry soda with whipped cream were delicious!
*watched more kid's television than i ever thought possible. hop, madagascar 3, and happy feet 2 all in one week.
*dyed my hair! after about 4 times bleaching and toning, i think i like this whole ombre thing.

how was your week? what did you do?!

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