Monday, June 4, 2012


so, the packing has begun! it's official--we have a house! it's not perfect, but i am so thankful to have a roof over my head, to be living in denton, and to be sharing a house with such awesome people. (it doesn't hurt that our rent is going to be a lot cheaper either:) i already have tons of ideas in my head of how i wanna decorate. all of my pinterest dreams are going to come true!

i am soooo excited to move--we only have four more weeks! it is really hard to know what to pack right now. i have already gone into my carefully and neatly packed boxes to retrieve items that i thought i wouldn't need. and our apartment is a total mess. i have given up all effort in picking up after myself since i know i will have to move everything anyway. can't say i miss the cleaning:)

we also have begun to go through each part of the apartment and get rid of the things we don't need. i love it! i am the type of person who goes through their stuff and gets rid of things regularly--it's so freeing not to be tied down to too much stuff. lucas on the other hand, loves hanging on to every little thing he has collected over the years. i have been so proud of all the stuff he has parted ways with. less stuff means less to pack!

this week i...
*took part in my second etsy bazaar--success!
*went to the first twilight tunes of the summer. here's to many more.
*listened to a wonderful sermon on the dangers of comparison.
*spent memorial day eating burgers with friends.
*started watching dawson's creek. i cannot be held accountable for the things i watch while working on my shop.
*rode go-karts for the first time in years. still fun.

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