Wednesday, June 13, 2012


going to twilight tunes in denton in the summer has become a longstanding tradition. i don't know why but i absolutely love it. i guess i will take any opportunity to hang out with friends and sit and listen to music outside. this time we grabbed some weinburger's deli and sat down with two of our couple friends, both of whom have two month old babies! i have known lindsey and darren (pictured below) for nearly ten years, and it is so awesome to see the little man that they have made together. this little guy's name is tovin, and he is such a cutie! i call him toves, and he will call me tia sofia:)

as always, banjo joined me in the photoshoot. somehow having him there with me makes taking pictures less awkward. i thrifted this top last summer. it is a little big, but i couldn't turn down a sleeveless denim cutout top, so i wear it anyway. i am thinking about dip dyeing it. anyone ever done that before? tips? the pants are F21, ring is from anthro, and sandals are UO. and you will see me wearing those shades just about every day this summer. i had been looking for a pair like this everywhere and scored these babies (on where else, etsy) for only ten buckaroos. what are your favorite summer pastimes?

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  1. Gorgeous outfit! Love the glasses & ring! xx



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