Monday, June 11, 2012


i love it when people aren't afraid to be themselves, which is certainly the case with the sisters of coco rosie. i mean it's not every day you see a lady sporting a mustache and hairnet, yet somehow manage to look cool all the same. their eccentricity seems partly due to a unique upbringing. bianca and sierra's mother was an artist and singer who preferred real world education for her daughters opposed to public school. their estranged father was a a follower of american indian religion, often taking the girls on reservations and vision quests.

their music is the unique mix of folk and who knows what that you would expect from such an individual pair. it's a breath of fresh air when i everything i hear seems like a different version of the same thing. i really love their cover of the beach boy's surfer girl. take a listen!


  1. oh yay someone else knows them haha!! i love their song werewolf! they're so unique and amazing :D

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth


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