Monday, July 23, 2012


these past couple of weeks in our new house have been so fun. when you move in with another married couple (and their child) you have your reservations no matter how awesome they are. luckily, we couldn't have picked better people. it really has been fun sharing our lives with tommy and lydia. we've had house dinners, movie nights, and spent the night in our living room just hanging out and talking. i feel blessed in that there wasn't much of a transition from living with just lucas to living with three other people. i was a bit surprised at how easily we all gelled together.

i've been taking advantage of living in denton as much as possible since we moved. i rode my bike to music on the square. we watched fireworks from the roof of one of the residence halls at unt. i've eaten at all my favorite places. but since moving in a few weeks ago, i've started housesitting, which has kinda of been a bummer. i was so excited to spend time in our new place, in our new city, but for the past week i've hardly been home. it's like getting a new toy and then not being able to play with it. one more week to go!

1//picnic dinner on the square. it was the last twilight tunes of the summer so we made the most of it.
2//lucas has been going through all his old boxes as we have been unpacking. he found this drawing of a city he made when he was ten years old. so cute.
3//one of the first movies we enjoyed together as a house--major payne. i know, we're cool.
4//his and hers yogurts. i think lucas pretty much put every topping they had in his:)

1//birthday lunch consisting of breakfast nachos, hashbrowns, biscuit, and eggs--whoa.
2//banjo's new favorite spot. why do dogs like windows so much?
3//bike ride!
4//when you babysit boys, nerf guns are a must.

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