Friday, July 20, 2012


i consider this year to be my first adult birthday. 21? ha! 26? maybe. 30? seems pretty adult. but no, it was this year, 31. why this year? first of all, i was so absorbed with adult things like moving and insurance and trips to target that i didn't even think of what i was going to do for my big day until a couple of days before. secondly, my bday partiers consisted of three married couples, a former bridesmaid, my husband, and two babies--woohoo! but you know what? my birthday was a freakin' blast.

i made no real plans for the day with the exception of those that revolved around food. i slept in and had a yummy brunch with lucas at loco cafe. phe-nomenal. the loco moco will change your life. then i piddled around the house organizing and decorating until it was time to get ready for dinner. on the occassion where i actually do full makeup and dress up, i love to revel in the getting ready process--taking a nice long shower, dancing around my bedroom to choice jams while i do my makeup and try on different outfits. this time i chose the 'this is how we do it' station on pandora. excellent choice for a pre-birthday celebration.

we had dinner at the greenhouse in denton, which i love, and i got the ahi tuna. very good, although the horseradish in the sauce made my nostrils burn every so slightly. then we headed back to the house, hung out for a bit, and watched almost famous on the projector. such a good movie! all in all it was a wonderful birthday, and although i cannot cannot believe i am as old as i am, i still love birthdays, and plan on taking advantage of them for as long as possible:)

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