Wednesday, July 18, 2012


it has been so busy lately. when is life not busy though. do you feel that way? the past three weeks have been consumed with packing, moving, and unpacking. but i neglected to tell you guys about the two wrecks i had-- yes, two wrecks in one week. the first wreck was pretty cut and dry. we were driving down the highway when another car tried to get in our lane and sideswiped us.

the second wreck was a doozie. i was driving down the street when a car coming the other direction pulled out in front of me to turn, and i hit them head on. no one was hurt, but my car sure was. i am currently in a rental, waiting to hear back from the insurance company on who was at fault. my little honda is totaled, and soon we will begin the process of looking for another car. (is that the next thing that will soon consume all my time?) our first wreck ended up being a blessing in disguise. instead of getting our car repaired through the insurance company, the other party cut us a check. we don't expect to get nearly what our car is worth, so that check is really going to come in handy.

there have been little things throughout the moving process where God has shown me how he uses things that appear to be dissapointments and uses them for good. these wrecks were no different. i know He is showing me that i can trust in Him, that i don't have to worry, that He is in control. there are some big decisions on the horizon, and i am faced with a choice-- to forget what God has just shown me, or choose to trust that He will be faithful yet again.

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  1. oh man, that stinks.
    that happened to me a couple of years ago... 2 wrecks ONE WEEK! the first one someone rammed in the back of me... so my car was in the shop, and i was driving my moms car... then someone pulled out in front of me.. and wrecked my mom's car! so two of our cars were in the shop at the same time! luckily neither were my fault.. and all that.. but still its so inconvenient and stressful.
    hopefully everything turns out okay and you find a good car!


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