Friday, October 26, 2012


is there anything so good in this world as a really cute pair of boots? well okay, yes, but i just plain love them, and the coming winter months are a good excuse to add a couple more pairs to my collection. as usual with any purchase, i carefully perused many websites and carefully weighed my options over and over until i could bring myself to actually buy anything. i found so many suuuuuuuupercute boots but settled on #3 and #6. price played a big factor, as always, but i also wanted something versatile i would be able to wear with lots of different things. i've already worn boot #3 a couple of times and they are definitely a winner. i should be getting #6 in the mail soon. i can't wait! which are your favorites?

1/ sam edelman leopard petty boot
2/ modern vice jett boot
3/ dolce vita jamison boot
4/ ecote metal chelsea boot
5/ wanted dressage tan boot
6/ pisa 25 black kiltie lace up boot

1 comment:

  1. Oh man these are all so wonderful. I've been wanting to expand my boot collection too. They just go with everything and I love them! Those leopard print ones are pretty much the coolest ever, but I can't resist anything leopard print. I'm loving the pink ones and fun sparkly ones too.


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