Sunday, October 28, 2012


downton abbey has slowly creeped its way into my heart and made a home there. next to parenthood, it's my most favorite show on tv right now. so. good. but we have to wait until january to watch season 3, what?! that is just too long folks. i have had tried my best to fill the DA void, and, in the process, found some really good shows that i think you will like too.


before this show i never even knew what a land girl was. during ww1 the british government created the women's land army to temporarily replace the men in agriculture who had been called into the military. i really love the characters in this show, as well as seeing bits and pieces of the time in which it took place. there are already three seasons, but i have only managed to find a way to watch the first! sad. day. still worth a watch though.

this show is in its first season on pbs, but so far i love it. i mean, basically i get to see a newborn baby in every episode so that's pretty much all i need. but aside from that, the storylines are great, and i am a sucker for a good period piece. oh, and i think i have cried in almost every episode, which automatically makes this a good show in my book, am i right?

happy watching!


  1. I have a friend who really loves this show! I have been meaning to sit down and watch a few episodes (I don't have cable, but we do have netflix, is it available on there I wonder?) but it hasn't happenned yet. I love the fashions! Btw- I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :) You can check out my latest post to see the details. I hope you are having a wonderful day, Sophia!


  2. I so want to see Call the Midwife, but sadly don't pick up PBS (no signal/no cable)! I feel we miss out on so much sometimes- but my hubs and I have still picked some network favorites!

  3. Downton Abbey is just the best show ever. so beautiful. I watched all the available series in under a week.


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